By reinventing 4 rue d'Assas, I wanted to get closer to my roots, to focus on the essential: my producers who have always inspired me, the right and true product, the recipes that sublimate without cheating... an instinctive cuisine of tastes and stories...

By reinventing 4 rue d'Assas, I wanted to synthesize my knowledge and give meaning to my dreams by imagining new gastronomic experiences, as demanding as they are lively... An open kitchen, a chef's table, an exposed cellar, spontaneous and shared tastings... as many moments to live, pleasures to discover and tastes to transmit.

By reinventing 4 rue d'Assas, I decided to pay tribute to Marsan, the cradle of my family, the place where I was born and where everything began.

Welcome to my home. »

Hélène Darroze



The fulfillment of a dream....

Marsan's Dining Room unfolds on the first floor to give rise to a most personal experience, in a place that pays tribute in the most beautiful way to the nourishing region of Helene.

On the menu, the dishes tell a new story every day: Charente oysters interact with caviar and corn beans from Béarn, blue lobster from Brittany is perfumed with hay and meets some ceps from Bordeaux, Saint-Jacques calls for the memory ofa trip to India and blends with Tandoori spices and fresh coriander, while the raz-el hanout pigeon evokes its unfinished migratory journey to warm lands. As for the baba, it is imbibed with an armagnac from the collection from the cellars of Helen's brother.


12:30 PM
2:00 PM


7:30 PM
9:30 PM


(1) Lunch: only on Friday and Saturday
(2) Dinner: Tuesday to Saturday



A lively gastronomic experience...

On the ground floor of her restaurant "Marsan", Hélène Darroze launches "La Table d'Hélène", a space where everything brings us back to the warm atmosphere of the South-West. Sitting around the huge farmhouse table from Biarritz, surrounded by sublime vintages, you will savour dishes chiseled by a passionate and caring team. The dishes are served in large dishes, just like at home: the meat or fish is cut up in front of the guests' eyes and the wine is served in a magnum, the idea being: "to live a high-flying culinary experience in a more convivial and relaxed atmosphere".



Lunch: only on Friday and Saturday
Dinner: Tuesday to Saturday



Exclusivity at the service of your events...

In the very lair of the cellar and in the midst of bottles from all over the world, Hélène and her teams welcome you for the organisation of your receptions and events. Elegance and discretion around a market menu are essential to make you live a privileged sharing experience.

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Hélène Darroze - Host table
Hélène Darroze - Host table
Hélène Darroze - Vaisselier
Hélène Darroze - Vaisselier
Hélène Darroze - Restaurant
Hélène Darroze - Restaurant
Hélène Darroze - Chef's table
Hélène Darroze - Chef's table
Hélène Darroze
Hélène Darroze
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